Friday, April 26, 2013

Day 1 with Roger - Don's route was a blast!

I met Roger Bartels this morning at my apartment around 9:45 for the first of 4 days of guided riding.  My friend, Don Cook, knows Roger and recommended me to him.  Don had wanted to show him around here, but he and Kay are coming in November this year.  Knowing this, I asked Don to design a day of riding with some of his favorites.  We mostly did Don's ride today - I changed a couple of things, and we added an additional couple of climbs and descents, but mostly Don gets the credit today.  Don had told me that Roger was very strong, and coming from Don, that meant something.  Yes, Roger is super strong, but is totally fine with my pace, which worked for both of us.

We started out on the viales, past Piazzale Michaelangelo, then up to Poggio Imperiale.  We descended to Galluzzo, and then climb Pozzolatico Vecchio to Pozzolatico, my first change.  We hooked up with the main road there and climbed to Impruneta, then over to Strada in Chianti, then took the back road up past La Panca to the Passo de Sugame road, over the pass, then down into Greve.  We stopped in Greve for some baked goods - part of Don's plan - which were great and really hit the spot.  From Greve, we climbed to Panzano, then a small descent to access the ridge road over to Quattro Strade.  This is a very fun road, but has a number of steep ups and downs.  It is mostly down to Quattro Strade, and we continued through Quattro Strade to Mercantale, where we stopped to regroup.  I asked Roger if he wanted to add 45 minutes to the ride, and he was totally up for it.  Just after Mercantale, we turned off and descended, then climbed to Montefiridolfi, where we got more water.  From Montefiridolfi, we rode along the ridge, descending through Bibbione to the main road at the valley bottom.

We climbed up to San Casciano where we were back with Don's plan.  The Montefiridolfi addition was mine.  From San Casciano, the regular route back through Speddaletto, Chiesa Nuova (more water), then the switchbacks to Galluzzo.  In Galluzzo, another variation from Don's plan, going through Cinque Vie back over to the viales, then along the Arno to the centro, and back to Roger's hotel on Piazza Santa Spirito.  I really enjoyed the day.  The summary is:  66.2 miles in 4:44 rolling time for an average speed of 13.9 mph with 6010 vertical feet climbed at and average temperature of 75.  A dopo!

Day 1 with Roger - the Don Cook itinerary - Fun! by ridingwithcosimo at Garmin Connect - Details

Roger in Impruneta at our first water stop.

Roger ahead of me on the Climb to  Panzano.

The wisterial were in full bloom on the edge of Panzano.

Roger climbing past me on the fun ridge road between
Panzano and Quattro Strade.

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