Sunday, April 21, 2013

Fun solo ride with threatening weather in Chianti.

After a day off yesterday, I had planned on doing a raduno with the team, but did not get home from a very nice dinner with Kate and Nicco last night until 12:30, and I was tired anyway.  The raduno course was not my favorite, so I slept in, which I needed and enjoyed.  I had a big breakfast, then decided on a ride.  I pretty much rode what I planned with a little change.  I rode out the Viales, up to Poggio Imperiale, where I picked up a rider that rode with me until I turned off in Impruneta.  He was Italian and did not speak English, but I was able to communicate well enough that we had a good conversation for part of the 40 minutes or so we rode together.  With my Italian skills, this is an accomplishment.

From Poggio Imperiale, I descended to Galluzzo, the climbed through Pozzolatico, Mezzomonte, Monteoriolo, to Impruneta.  I turned off at the town square on a road that quickly descends toward Ferrone, before mellowing out for a more gentle descent.  At Ferrone, I started toward Greve, but with a few rain drops and threatening skies, I decided to turn off to Quattro Strade just below castello Gabbiano.  This is a nice climb, and the skies lightened up as I climbed.  So, I decided to climb the back road to Panzano, which after a first tough (around 10 to 15%) climb, does quite a bit of up and down on a ridge line until a descent then climb into Panzano.  It was a beautiful ride today, with the countryside sparkling.

I thought about a cafe in Panzano, but something was going on in town and there were people everywhere.  I did not want to leave my bike out with lots of people around, so I descended to Greve, where I had a coffee shop in mind.  Alas, this bar was closed on Sunday, so no cafe for me today.  Probably for the best.  From Greve, I took the valley road all the way back to Galluzzo, through the many towns on the way, then turned off for the route around to Cinque Vie, then back home on the Viales.  It felt great.  It was wonderful riding with Keith and Jodi, but it is quite a bit of extra work taking clients out versus riding alone.  I really enjoyed today's ride.

The garmin site is having trouble with the log in process, so try the Strava link for a change.  Ciao.

Strava Ride | 04/21/2013 Florence, Tuscany, Italy

Quattro Strade is just over the rise ahead.

On the way up to Quattro Strade.

Here comes Panzano, and the climbing is over soon.

A view off the ridge road just before getting to Panzano.

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