Sunday, April 7, 2013

Fun Raduno with the team - good turnout for the team with 17 participating.

I was up early this morning, and was over to the meeting place by 8, per the schedule.  There was already a good sized group there, and more came.  We rode to Signa to the sign in location, and more team members were there as well.  I counted 17 participating, an excellent turn out.  We took off from Signa, rode over the Arno, then pretty quickly started up the small pass that goes over to Ginestra Fiorentina.  From Ginestra, we headed toward Cerbia, but turned off to take a road to Baccaiano, which was either new for me or I had done it once a long time ago.  It was a nice road, and put you right at the base of the climb to Montespertoli.  We climbed to Montespertoli, and dropped our first "controllo" card with some people there.  We also waited for the team to re-group.  We descended through Ortimino to the Val D'Orme, and rode down the valley to Pozzole, where some of us, the lead group turned toward Villanuova.  We continued through Sammontana to Montelupo, where we waited to re-group again.

We waited a while and made some phone calls, and apparently, around 1/2 the group took a short cut through Empoli to the climb to Vitolini.  The group I was with was 7, and we rode the marked course toward Vinci, turning off on the road to Vitolini.  They had some needed water and snacks there, and then we continued the climb, a relatively long climb to Pinone.  Here we dropped our second controllo card to show we did the long course.  From Pinone, you descend through Carmignano toward Comeana, then back over to Signa, and the food, drink, and prizes.  I should note that the was a fairly strong wind that started around the time we were in Montespertoli.  It was only a problem when it was a strong head wind on the big climb to Pinone.

The raduno was very well run, well marked, and the food was good.  At the finish there was pasta, fresh baked thin bread, pastry, bananas, and drinks.  We also received a card at the start which I redeemed for a bottle of wine, which came home in the middle back pocket of my jersey.  A few weeks ago, it was the first time to carry a bottle of wine like this, and now we have two.  Maybe there will be more to come.  Fun day, good weather.  Very fun to be part of the cycling scene here.  I would guess that around 200 to 250 riders took part in the raduno.  The summary is:  73 miles (which includes the distance to the apartment and back from the raduno start / finish) in 4:30 rolling time for an average speed of 16.2 mph with 3390 vertical feet of climbing at an average temperature of 60.  

Raduno Gruppo Sportivo Mobili Lama by ridingwithcosimo at Garmin Connect - Details

A picture of part of the team in front of me, pretty soon after we started.  

Lorenzo (Il Presidente), and Lucca with the trophy and basket of goodies 
for our large group and great showing today.

We received a bottle of wine each at the end, and I liked the unique
use of the bottle cage to carry one.

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