Sunday, January 20, 2013

A long, rainy walk around the city.

Well, the weather predictions came true today, and it has been rainy pretty much the whole day.  My original plan was to ride with the team, but when I got up, I just did not feel like it.  I went with my feelings, and a good thing, by 9:15 it was raining steadily, and I needed to leave around 9.  Emily and I went into town to meet a friend of hers on the Ponte Vecchio.  We were early, she was late, and we had some time to enjoy the ambiance of the old bridge.  After she arrived, we walked to a biological (Organic) fair in Piazza Santo Spirito.  It was nice, and Emily stayed with her friend, and I went for a planned 2 hour walk.  

I started out toward the Viales on the west / south side of town, but the entry to the Boboli gardens beckoned.  We have "friend of the Uffici" cards, which gives us free admission, so I started my walk through the old Medici gardens.  It was really beautiful, wet, not raining much, and foggy.  All the pictures are from the walk in the garden.  I walked to the top of the gardens, then over to the exit by the Forte Belvedere.  From there I walked over to the Viale Michelangelo, then stayed on the beautiful path beside the road all the way around to Piazza Ferrucci.  From there, I walked along the Arno to Ponte alla Grazie, then up to Piazza Sant'Annunciata, then to Piazza San Marco, then home.  Around a 2 1/2 hour walk at a good pace, so I would assume around 7 miles.  Really nice for a change.  Hopefully back on the bike tomorrow, but we shall see what the weather brings.  

One of the beautiful paths through the trees in the Boboli gardens.

Around the corner, an opening and a modern sculpture.

Another winding path through the trees.

A side path with the trees connected to provide an enclosed walk.

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