Friday, January 25, 2013

Fitted for the new bike, quick ride in the PM

I had a pretty busy day today, considering I did not have Italian class, and only found time for a short ride.  I did spend an hour at the shop, and got the fit measurements for the new bike, pictured below.  It looks prettier in person.  Another hour and one half grocery shopping (including riding the townie to and fro), and a few hours at the end of the day with Emily babysitting the grandchildren.  

I rode a standard, out Via Faentina, through Piazza della Cure, up the back way to San Domenico, up to the turn off for Maiano, then descending through Maiano to San Martino .  From San Martino, I climbed one of my favorites through Vincigliata to the Fiesole / Compiobbi road.  Over to Fiesole, then turned off to descend to Pian de Mugnone, then returned home on Via Faentina.  It is a really sweet ride, the climbs are quite deserted, and it is full of tiny twisty roads.  Part of the descent to Pian de Mugnone will be climbed on every lap of the World Championships in late September.  

Summary is:  14.2 miles, in a rolling time of 1:14, for an average speed of 11.7 mph, with 1650 vertical of climbing at an average temperature of 45 F.  Click the link for more information if desired.  Ciao.

That is the new bike, with the person fitting me, Andrea.  
I will pick it up on Tuesday after Italian class ready to go.  Can't wait.

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