Tuesday, June 19, 2012

6-18-12 - ride and more

First day trying a new schedule, as the weather has really turned hot.  I think it was probably around 95 to 100 F today.  I left for my ride by 9:45, and will probably make that earlier as I get used to the routine.  I rode out Porta Romana, up to Poggio Imperiale, and down to Galluzzo.  At Galluzzo, I tried a new route to Pozzolatico, on Via Vecchia Pozzolatico, which was great.  I had found the road exploring to find a way to go around all the typical traffic in Galluzzo a couple of weeks ago.  Anyway, great, new, very small back road with a few 10% climbs, but overall really nice.  From Pozzolatico, I climbed the normal route through Mezzomonte and Monte Oriolo.  After Monte Oriolo, the road starts to flatten out to Impruneta, and I saw a sign for Barufi, and I had seen a sign for the same previously in Tavernuzze.  I tried the road, and again, beautiful, really small (bike path size), curvy country road.  It got a little wild as it dropped into Tavernuzze, with quite steep switchbacks, but the bike brakes are really good, so there was no problem.  From Tavernuzze, I rode a more standard route for me to the turn off for San Andrea, up that road to the more main road to Chiesa Nuova, then back to the switchbacks and down to Galluzzo.  From Galluzzo, I climbed back to Poggio Imperiale, then found a new route through Arcetri to the Viale Michaelangelo, then returned home.  Great, beautiful ride.

I have been trying to get together with some contacts that organize trips for individuals and groups to review the hiking services I am promoting.  We had talked previously about the cycling tours.  The company is One Step Closer (onestepcloser.net) and I finally got back in touch and it worked to come to their office in Fiesole at 2:30.  Well, on the bike, with a pack for materials and lock, in the heat of the day, and a climb to Fiesole.  We had a good meeting and it appears they will include the hiking as an option for a group they have coming in early October.  Rode back down through Pian De' Mugnone, then home.

Emily and I babysat the kids for a couple of hours then attended a lecture at the Palazzo Tornabuoni with Elaine Ruffalo from the Syracuse program here on Bottecelli.  The Palazzo has been renovated and is a 4 seasons residence resort, and as one can imagine, very nice.  Prosecco, aperativi, and an excellent lecture.

Flowers at a gate on the way to San Andrea
Wow!  What a beautiful road to Baruffi
Via Vecchia Pozzolatico.

The incredible view from Via Vecchia Pozzolatico.

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