Saturday, June 16, 2012

Day and Ride on 6-16-12

This morning, Em and I separately went to Kate's to do some baby sitting.  I ride a townie bike, which I purchased here, and turns out to be the most efficient way to get around this city.  It is, however, a little intimidating, as crowds of tourists are here, and in particular, the group tours do not watch what they are doing or where they are going.  I have a bell on my bike, which at times I ring continuously to get people out of the way.  Anyway, some good time with Viola and Vittorio, who grow and change almost every day.  I came home and had time for a relatively quick ride, up Via Faentina, to San Domenico, the Fiesole, then L'Olmo, then down through Caldine, Pian d'Mugnone, and return home through Piazza della Cure.  It is hot, around 90 F, and this 1-1/2 hour ride in the middle of the day is fine for now.  Emily and I are meeting at a church soon to watch a concert of the Zimbabwe Children's Choir, which should be interesting.  Afterwards, we are at Kate and Nicco's for dinner with Nicco's parents, Lapo and Marguerita, who are leaving soon for 3 plus months in South Africa.  Ciao, ciao.  I will learn to post pictures of the ride next time.

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