Thursday, June 28, 2012


Today, I was off for a ride around 10, as it is hot here and getting hotter.  I had a certain route in mind when I left, but was ready to change if the heat got to be too much for me.  I rode out the Viales from the apartment to Viale Michangelo, then up and over to Poggio Imperiale.  I really like this way to the South from town, as it gives you a pretty good warm up before tackling the real hills.  From Poggio Imperiale, I went over and down to Galluzzo, then did a second ride up Via Vecchio Pozzolatico to Pozzolatico.  Again, as last time, a strong hill, narrow road, good views, and virtually no cars.  Up from Pozzolatico through Mezzomonte, then Monte Oriolo to the turn off to Baruffi.  This is the second time I took this road, and followed it over, up, then down to Tavernuzze.  From Tavernuzze, I rode the main road to the turn off for Luiano, then up through Luiano to the Mercatale road, but turned off on a new road for me over to Montefiridolfi.

I met another American cyclist in Montefiridolfi, who I gave information to for future tours.  It is quite unusual to see another cyclist in a place like this, and he was adventuresome to have found it.  He was staying in a town called Montanagna, and had some good maps.  I offered a reduced rate day for him if it works while he is still here.  I can help people get around easier without needing to consult the maps all the time.  I think in particular for people who are explorers, I can help them find roads they would have a difficult time finding otherwise.  Anyway, back to the ride.  From Montefiridolfi I descended through Bibbione to the valley floor and SR2.  I took SR2 up to San Casciano, then went over through Spedellato, Chiesa Nuova, then took the second, rarely used turn to Scandicci.  A really fun descent - thanks for finding it, Don and Kay.  From Scandicci, back home through Porta San Frediano.  74 kilometers in 3 and 1/2 hours.  Another fun ride.  Remember for booking a tour.

Ahead and going to the left is Via Vecchia Pozzolatico.

Beautiful flowers on the road to Tavernuzze from Baruffi.

Vineyards and Strada Bianca on the road above Luiano.

Just another beautiful road in Tuscany - Above Luiano before Mercatale.


  1. Mark,
    sounds like another fun ride. I've really been enjoying your posts and pictures. almost makes me consider putting the fly rod away and getting out on my bike....


    1. Thanks for commenting. Come ride with me here anytime. Keep enjoying your new passion. There is usually a limited amount of time that a new activity is so intoxicating - enjoy. Ciao, Mark