Saturday, June 23, 2012

Squadra giro

Today, I was up early and left the apartment before 7 to get to Tavernuzze before 7:30, the time and meeting place for the team ride today.  I did not know the meeting location, but it is a small town, and I found 3 others with the right jersey and joined them.  We rode out to Ferrone, then climbed to Strada, which I amazed myself by doing in the big ring.  I really have to work to keep up with the groups, but today there was one person slower than me.   Thank you Laura, but by the end of the ride, I was being slightly left behind by her.  Anyway, from Strada, we descended, then climbed to San Polo, then climbed to the pass at Poggio alla Croce.  From there we descended to Figline, then climbed Passo de Sugame, which is a great climb from the Figline side.  I know we passed Sting's property and palazzo either on the way down from Poggio all Croce or the climb to Passo de Sugame, but there are no signs and people have told me it is there.  From Passo de Sugame, we descended to Greve, quickly refilled water bottles, and off through Passo de Pecorai, through Ferrone, then turned off for the climb to Luiano.  We joined the more main road above Luiano, then went through San Casciano, Spedeletto, Chiesa Nuova, then did the descent into Scandicci.  We took a different road out of Scandicci, which went toward Lucca's apartment, and the others left on the way to their apartments.  From there, I joined the Viales and made it home.  I am enjoying riding with the squadra, but it does push me.  We did 118 kilometers in around 4 and one half hours, which is a good pace for this old man.  No pictures, as we only took 2 very short breaks which only allowed a quick handful of gorp.  Nap and a movie this afternoon. Starting early gets you out before the heat, but I swore that I would give up arising before 6, but words are made to be eaten.


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