Saturday, November 17, 2012

Quick ride before my Denver trip - perfect!

I decided not to go out with the team this morning, as I was tired and had too much to do today anyway.  I had a nice slow start to the morning, my big "American" breakfast, then met Kate and the kids to spend some time together before I left.  We had a great morning, meeting on bikes (Kate with the two kids in kid seats) and took a short ride to three linked parks nearby.  We walked quickly through the first park, then found the playground in the middle park and spent a fair amount of time there.  Then we went to the last park, the giardino at the Museuo Stibbert, and had a wonderful time strolling and finding mysterious, fun corners to explore with the kids.  Viola role played with a "baby" and Torrio found a stick and whacked at whatever he could.  I encourage the stick and picked one up myself to whack some things.  We had a nice time, and then returned to the apartment to get some lunch for the kids.  We (Kate and I) had originally thought she would just ride them home, but the kids protested and we had a fun time doing lunch and playing with everything we had that was playable.

Emily had gone to the Villa that New York University has just outside of town for a presentation / panel discussion on Campaign finance and super PACs, and she returned just after Kate and the kids left.  Emily is babysitting tonight, and I need to leave the apartment at 5 am tomorrow, so we took some time and had a nice lunch together.  It was a beautiful day, and we enjoyed strolling, riding the bus, and having a great lunch at a restaurant on the Piazza Santa Croce.

Upon returning home, I suited up to get a ride in and did one of my favorite short rides.  I do not like to be out much past 4:30 these days, as it is getting dark then and there is a lot of traffic to ride in / through when you return to the city.  I rode up Via Bolognese, turned left at Pian de San Bartolo, cruised over to Cercina, finished the climb to the church above Cercina, then took the route down I have been climbing on loops recently.  Super fun.  I took the sharp left to come in to town right above the Carriege complex, then took the turn off for the cut off to Via Bolognese, then turned off this to come in a Piazza Giorgini, then took my new way home on quiet roads.  The link has maps and specifics, but the summary is:  13.6 miles in 1:07 rolling time for an average speed of 12.2 with 1430 vertical feet of climbing.

I will be in Denver for a week, helping my Mother who may be home from the hospital by then.  Her health is deteriorating rapidly, and I saw this as a chance to spend some time (perhaps my last chance) with her and help out.  If she does go in the next few months, it could happen quickly, and I am a minimum of 30 hours away.  So, most likely no new posts for a while, although one may find its way in here while I am in Denver.  A Dopo! (until later)

Quick ride before my Denver trip - perfect! by ridingwithcosimo at Garmin Connect - Details

Viola and Vittorio cue up on the slide.

Kate and the two kids in a large "bowl" swing.

Viola works on her pretend garden while Vittorio hits everything with his stick.

I really liked the leaves on this tree and took a shot up at the sky.

At the apartment Viola decided to try on my reading glasses.  
Viola, wait until you need them, but for now you are incredibly cute!

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