Thursday, November 8, 2012

Set Leif's route to Lastra in my mind, easy ride

I had an appointment at the US Consulate this morning, as I needed to get a signature notarized for transferring my Bronco tickets in Denver.  That in itself is quite a trip, as the Consulate is kind of like a fortress - bullet proof glass, multiple security screenings, all for a signature.  Life is an adventure.  After returning from the Consulate, I caught up with some Internet stuff, read the NY Times, etc., then thought the weather is so nice, I should get out.  Last Friday, I rode with Leif and his wife Michele, and he had a really nice route out of town to Lastra a Signa.  I wanted to ride it and find all the turns myself, so that was my plan for the day.

I checked out my map from the ride last Friday, made some notes on a cheat sheet, as I had 10 plus different streets, etc. to find / remember to do this.  It worked pretty well, as I only made one wrong turn, which was quickly remedied.  It is a really nice route out of town, basically level, and with a couple of short exceptions, on pretty deserted roads right from the Cascine.  I found Lastra a Signa, then rode up a small pass then down to Ginestra.  I turned toward Cerbia, and fell in behind a cyclist on the way.  I was going to be happy to draft the whole way, but he was a little slow for me, so I passed.  He picked it up and stayed with me, in the process motivating me to ride pretty strong.  He followed my turn at Cerbia, and stayed with me until the last climb to Chiesa Nuova, where I surprisingly dropped him.  It is really startling how much time you put on someone when they have decided not to stay with you on a climb.  I waited a little at the top, with the thought of talking with him a little on the way back to Firenze.  I never saw him again, but I did not wait for more than a couple of minutes.

I rode back with the switchback descent into Galluzzo, always a fun ride, then took the back route around Galluzzo, and did the long way around Pian de Guiliari by way of Cinque Vie.  It is a nice ride an sort of the equivalent of the route I left on to the other side of town.  Only one photo, and all the information, maps, etc., are a click away.  The ride summary is:  36 miles, 2 hours 29 minutes rolling time, which is 14.4 mph, with 1800 vertical of climbing.

Set Leif's route to Lastra in my mind, easy ride. by ridingwithcosimo at Garmin Connect - Details

The vineyards are changing to the west of the road over to Ginestra.
Yes, I am an amateur, that is my shadow in the foreground.  I think it's kind of cool.

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