Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Ride through San Donato, Figline, Dudda, La Panca, Strada, Grassina, and home

This will be a different post.  First of all when I went to take some pictures today, the battery on my camera was dead - oh well, I am charging it now.  When I returned from my ride, for some reason, which I cannot figure out, the ride would not download from the Garmin device on either Strava or on the Garmin site.  I did check most of the information before I returned to the apartment however.

I had a very nice ride, the weather is pretty darn perfect for me right now, with the high for today forecast for around 75, and I started riding when the temperature was around 62.  Perfect day for arm warmers, short sleeved jersey, and shorts.  I left via the viales, then took the main route to Bagno a Ripoli, then climbed to San Donato in Collina.  I did not even stop, but quickly descended through Troghi, Cellai, a short climb to Pallazzolo, then descend to Valli, then a short climb before descending to Incisa.  With the help of an older lady, I found a dispenser of cooled water that was great.  I rode to Figline, then hooked up with the road to Greve and the Passo de Sugame.  I stopped in Dudda for an excellent cafe, then finished the climb turning off for La Panca.  There is a little descent, then a climb of another 100 meters vertical or so, then a wonderful descent from La Panca to Strada in Chianti.

I rode back from Strada on the ridge road, descended to Grassina, then took the little road to Cinque Vie, then the back way to Viale Michaelangelo.  Returning home on the viale finished another great ride.  The summary is all I have from this, as I cannot access any of the information from the ride.  I must have messed up something when I returned.  Anyway, 72 kilometers or 44.75 miles in around 2:45 rolling time for an average of 16.5 mph with 3120 vertical feet of climbing for another fun ride here.  Hopefully, next time everything will be working.  Ciao.

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