Saturday, August 11, 2012

8-11 - Errands, ride

Some successful errands were accomplished yesterday afternoon and this morning.  I purchased a printer yesterday afternoon.  There is an electronics store not far from our apartment, and on previous trips there, I always saw printers on sale for a reasonable price.  I bought a Canon printer / copier / scanner for 34 euros.  I found out this morning that the printer to connect to a computer was not included, and had to go out and pick one up.  This morning, we went to our first "yard sale" here in Florence.  An acquaintance of Kate's has to leave town and was having a yard sale.  Emily and I took the bus to walk to the address from the email, and the name was on the buzzer, but there was no sign of any sale.  We buzzed the name and were let in.  The sale was in the apartment, which makes sense, as there is no place on the sidewalk or no yard to speak of anywhere.  We found a few items, including a small stand where the printer, that is now functional sits.

That brought me to around 2:00, and although it is not as hot as it has been, it was around 92, which is still hot to me.  I was planning a short ride though, so the weather is not a problem.  I rode up Via Bolognese to Pian de Bartolo, and turned off to Cercina, then descended to Serpiole, where I tried a turn off that I had seen previously and I thought might connect to another road I have ridden.  Well, it did connect, and it may become my standard way back from Serpiole.  It involves a little climbing, but is a beautiful little piece of road, and takes you to right above the Carriege complex.  Great little ride, 23 kilometers, around 1200 vertical of climbing, in around 1 hour 4 minutes.  Sorry, no pictures today.

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