Wednesday, August 8, 2012

8-8 ride and meeting

I met this morning with the head concierge at the Four Seasons in Florence.  It was a good meeting, but he brought up some things I had been ignoring and need to deal with.  If this is to be a real business, I need to deal with liability waivers and having the ability to give real receipts.  I will use my LLC in Colorado as the business legally, and will be able to give receipts based on this.  I can then do the work here through the LLC, not needing a Permesso de Lavoro to work, which I do not have and don't know how I can obtain.  The Four Seasons has to protect themselves, so they require these types of things to be in place to use a business.  It is good for me to deal with this, as it does need to be taken care of.  I will come up with a liability waiver myself, in plain language, hopefully quite clear, and will also see if I can change the name of the LLC I currently have set up in Colorado.  This should all work out relatively easily, but will take some effort.

After the meeting, I was off for a ride, but by the time I was on the bike it was already around 11:00 and getting quite warm.  I went my back way to San Domenico, then up to Fiesole (water), then up to the turn off for Monteloro, basically the top of the climb.  I descended down the Monteloro road to Sieci, getting more water in Monteloro, then went up one of my favorite climbs to the molino de vento (windmill).  From there, I descended to the Pope's road, which is almost to Rufina, then rode this road back over to Pontesieve.  From Pontesieve, I rode the main road back through Sieci (water) then back to Firenze.  65 kilometers in a little over 3 hours, with around 3000 vertical of climbing.

The road to Alberaccio before the Monteloro turn off.

A beautiful view of very green vineyards and a villa from 
the ridge road above Monteloro.

The Church bell tower in Sieci from the main public square
(piazza) where I got water and took a break.

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