Friday, August 24, 2012


I am posting from Colorado, where I have visited my mother, who is doing reasonably well.  I enjoyed having lunch with a couple of close college friends, and also had a dinner with some college friends and wives while in the Denver area.  I then went to CB for a week.  In CB, I have stayed with Don and Kay, and mountain biked a few times with both of them.  On my way to town, I spent some time at the storage unit attempting to find some things I needed, successfully with 2 bikes, but unsuccessfully for fishing gear.  I could not find my bike helmet and a couple of other things I needed for mountain biking, but Don set me up in CB for this.  I had a great dinner at Donita's on my arrival night and met a friend of Don's who is an endurance mountain bike racer.

The next day Don and I rode the Lupine trail, which had an extension added to it this year, and it is a beautiful addition to the valley's trail system.  We hooked up with the lower loop system, and rode the GB loop, then the upper lower loop, hooking into the budd trail, and returning on the ruby bend.  Fun ride, although I had some adjusting to do being back on a mountain bike versus my road bike.  Ben, my son, and I hooked up after the ride for a nice hike out to a lake in the Irwin vicinity.  I really experienced altitude for the first time on the hike, but had fun with Ben and his new dog Drogon.

The next day, Ben and I hiked the entire lower loop system with Drogon.  Afterward, I hooked up with Don and we worked on hanging a old fashioned "ordinary" bike above the door to Donita's.  The US Pro Cycling Challenge was coming through town the next day, and Don thought the bike above the door would catch people's eyes and bring them in.  It looked great up there.  Don and I then rode Tony's trail to the upper, upper loop to Brush Creek, proceeding out to Strand Hill.  It was late afternoon, the light and weather was perfect, and the ride was great.  I felt great, with little to no altitude problems, and the transition to Mountain biking seemed to be complete.

The next morning, Kay and I hooked up with some friends of Kay's and did a great ride on the ski hill, linking many trails to give us around 20 miles of single track.  Super fun.  I posted some pictures on facebook, and will have some on this post.  That afternoon, the US Pro Cycling Challenge came through CB, and Ben and I hooked up to watch it come through town.  Really fun to see, and it made me very proud of CB as a town and a beautiful place.  I had moved to my friend Richard's house for a couple of days that night, and was able to attend a dinner for his son who started college in the beginning of the summer, and was home for a week or two.

Wednesday, Ronnie, a very close college friend, and I met to have a day fishing.  Ronnie knew of a medium size creek, and we spent a great day fishing and catching up.  We both caught many fish, but the name of the creek must remain nameless.  Richard and another of his son's and I had a nice dinner that night.

Thursday, I met with some friends who are coming to Firenze and we discussed many things about their trip.  They are hiring me for a week to be a guide, and it should be fun.  After the meeting, Ben and I met and had a great, relatively long day of hiking.  We drove out to Gothic, and hiked the Copper Creek trail to Copper Lake.  I relaxed there, while Ben did a loop from the lake involving two very high mountain passes.  He mostly ran these, so I took off from the lake before his return, and we met on the descent, where I waited in another location.  Great Sushi dinner at a place in town.  That brings me up to date, so Ciao!

Ben and Drogon on the Lower Loop trail.

Here I am on the top of Strand Hill with Teocalli Peak in the background.

Jenn, Dave, and Kay toward the beginning of our ride on the ski hill.

The US Pro Cycling Challenge comes through CB.

Ben in Richard's back yard, before we went to dinner.

Ronnie fishing the small creek - catch em up Ronnie.

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