Tuesday, August 7, 2012

8-7 ride


After a couple of days off from riding, I started out on a hot and relatively humid (for me) day around 9:45.  I had a route in mind, but was willing to change if the heat got me down.  I started out on the Viale, up past Piazza Michealangelo, the up the back way to Poggio Imperiale.  I went over to Galluzzo, then climbed the switchbacks to the ridge, climbing over to Chiesa Nuova.  I descended into Cerbia for my first water break of the day.  From there, I climbed to Montagnana, descended to Bacciano, then climbed to Montespertoli.  I took a break in Montespertoli, as a festa and mercato was underway.  I could not find any water, as the square was relatively packed with people and tbe streets were full of vendors.  I took off and found the road I was looking for to Montelupo by way of Botinaccio.  I had ridden this road in the past, but it must have been 5 years since I had been on it, and it was really fun.  I have been taking a road on the ridge before, as I like the mosaics on the gate to a church there.  I made my way into Montelupo, and looked for water there.  I asked someone, but following the directions, was not able to find it.

I took off for Ginestra Fiorentina, and knew I would either have to find water there of buy it.  I rode through the town on Ginestra Fiorentina, and did not find the water, but stopped and asked a person, who gave me good directions, and in the corner of a small parking lot / piazza, there was a small structure which dispensed cold water - with or without gas.  I was glad to get the water, and drank a full bottle, then refilled for the remainder of the ride.  I rode up to Marliano, over and up to Vigliano, up through Roveta, to Santa Maria a Marciaola.  I then descended to Scandicci, and returned home via Porta San Frediano and the centro.  Only the last 45 minutes were really hot and taking a toll, most of the ride felt really good.  86 kilometers in 4 hours and 8 minutes of riding time.  I think around 3500 to 4000 vertical.

It was a happening scene at the piazza in the centro of Montespertoli.

I liked the view of the line of cypress trees so typical of Tuscany from the ridge 
between Montespertoli and Botinaccio.

It looks like the road will fall off the edge ahead, and the sign reads 15%.

A beautiful church and monastery just after the very small town of Botinaccio.

I just read a list of suggestion for bloggers from "The Pioneer Woman", a blog Emily reads regularly which is quite successful, and one of the suggestions is to blog every day.  Well, I do this after rides, and lately have been trying to combine a few days, but I will take the successful blogger's suggestion and blog away daily.  Anyway, that is why this post is happening now, and not combined with the next few days.

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Ciao, ciao.

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