Monday, August 13, 2012

Quick ride, pictures of gates

I am travelling to the US tomorrow, so this will be my last post for a while.  I will visit my Mother, who's health is deteriorating, but she should be fine for a little while.  I will see some friends in Denver, and spend a week or so in CB, seeing my son and some friends there.  I will hopefully mountain bike, fish, and hike.  After a few pieces that needed to be done on the Internet, I took off for my planned, relatively short ride.  I rode out Via Faentina, up my new route to San Domenico, then up towards Fiesole, turning off after around 500 vertical of climbing to descend to Maiano and then to the Chiesa San Martino.  From there, I connect to the road to climb to Vincigliata, then more climbing to connect to the road that goes either to Montebeni or over toward Fiesole.  I went toward Fiesole, hooked up to the main road down to Fiesole, and in Fiesole I turned off for the very fun descent into Pian de Mugnone.  There I hooked up with Via Faentina, and returned home.  A very fun 25 kilometer ride in around 1 hour 10 minutes with around 1500 vertical of climbing.

On the way up, I decided to mix it up a little with the pictures, and took a few shots of some of the many beautiful gates into different properties.  Here they are, and I will be back blogging when I return from the States in the beginning of September.  Ciao.

A gate into a large property on the road to San Domenico.

On the road to Fiesole, before the turn off to Maiano, there is a property with a 
beautiful garden.  This is a shot through the fence toward the rose garden in the background.

This is the gate to the same property.  I hope the pictures shows the 
manicured grounds behind the gate.

A gate on the way to Maiano.  I am not sure you can see it, but the 
entire city of Florence spreads out below.

Directly opposite on the way to Maiano, here is a gate to a property 
with it's own tower.  Che bello!

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