Thursday, August 9, 2012

8-9 ride - Monte Morello

The good news is this morning I received an email from someone who wants a tour this weekend.  I hope it works out.  I also stopped by Florence by Bike, a bike shop I use and the sponsor of the team I ride with.  A couple of weeks ago I rode with a guy, Leif, who does bike tours, who said most of his work is through other tour operators.  Yesterday at my meeting with Paul, he suggested I talk to Florence by Bike, as they do tours and need guides occasionally.  I spoke with Lorenzo's wife, who works there, and the person I needed to talk to is on vacation, but called while we were talking.  I need to come back when she returns (which is also around when I return from the US) and it appears some work will happen as needed.  Perfect for me.  Leif also had a job for me, but it was while I am in the US, so it did not work out.  Anyway, some hopeful happenings for future work.  Sometimes it feels like I am just spinning my wheels with the marketing, blogging, facebook, etc.  I still feel with some patience it will work out.

After all this and a couple of errands in the city, I took a short-ish ride.  Up Via Bolognese, to get some water in Pratolino (around 12 kilometers and 1200 vertical feet).  From Pratolino, I rode over the connector road to the Monte Morello road, and finished the climb, probably another 1000 vertical feet.  From the top, I enjoyed the descent to a turn off I had taken once before, going to Settimello and Calenzano.  From there, I rode back to Firenze on fairly trafficked roads.  Total of 43 kilometers in one hour 56 minutes.  Another fun ride in Firenze.

The sign by the turn off to Settimello, saying, 
"Attention.  Rough road, danger, proceed with caution."

The road by the sign - it is not really all that rough or dangerous.

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