Friday, February 27, 2015

Another great ride in Chianti.

Spring is definitely coming.  Only two layers worn today, and I never took the vest out of my pocket. Also, just a headband and no skull cap needed.  It isn't really all that cold here, but riding can get cold as you create a pretty good breeze as you ride.  Either way, as spring arrives, it still feels like a burden is being lifted from your shoulders.  Soon, I will be down to one layer and shorts without tights.  Not now, but hopefully soon.  Anyway, it is a spectacular time to be riding.  I really like the weather when it is very comfortable, but there is no real danger of getting hot.  I think I have a few months of this coming up.  I am looking forward to it.

I decided to do one of my standard "Chianti" tours today.  This is one that I often take clients on, as it can be expanded or shortened.  Also, it is really beautiful and you ride through vineyards and olive groves, pretty representative of the agriculture here.  A nice stop in Impruneta for a cafe and pastry.  The pastry was really very good today.  Hopefully this is a new either supplier or chef for this bar, as I often stop here, and excellent pastries are always a plus.  The bike is performing super right now, acting like it is a new bike, which the mechanic said it basically was yesterday.  I found myself spacing out a little on one part of a descent and I almost went off the road at speed.  As they say here, sta attento! or pay attention!  No harm, no foul, but the bike with new rubber is really cranking fast on the downhills.  I returned going by the spot where Machieavelli was exiled to, San Andrea in Percussina, which I don't often ride these days, and it was fun.  Back through Tavernuzze from there, then past Piazzale Michaelangelo and home.  Excellent ride!  61.0 kilometers in 2:46 for an average of 22.0 with 965 meters climbed.  Ciao.

The soil just looks incredibly fertile.  Here just above Vacciano.
Beautiful, "Colorado" blue sky day.

Coming up to San Gersole, this beautiful view awaits.  One of 
my favorites, it never get's old for me.

Nice villa and vineyards on the way to Bibbione.

Love the views in virtually all direction on the ridge between 
Montefiridolfi and Bibbione.

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