Monday, February 9, 2015

Work! Checking routes and descriptions for Dom in Chianti.

I set off to do some work today, not really knowing how it would work out.  Dominick has asked me to check the route descriptions we use for "self guided tours", which involves multiple options for each day.  My original plan was to borrow Kate's car for this, but her car died and a new one is on order, and I don't really want to ask her as soon as she gets it if I can borrow it.  So, I thought I would see how it would work on the bike.  It was fine, but it would take many days, and multiple very long rides.  Today, I put in 103 kilometers with 6 hours of elapsed time, and this was the first day going to Radda, and I only made it to Greve.  It did include 3 options from Impruneta to Greve, which accounts for much of the distance.  It worked fine, but with only 2 or 3 days budgeted to be paid to me, I think a rental car is in order.  Also, the next step would be from Greve to Radda, which would work, but be a long day, then a couple of options around Radda, which would mean a very long day, then a couple days checking routes around Siena, which would involve a train ride there and back, then riding and editing the options.

I came up with a number of minor changes, and will check into a rental car, which should allow me to complete the remaining work in one day.  Those cars really can put in mileage faster than a bike, and I can stop and make notes easier.  Oh well, I tried it and enjoyed it today.  Although it was only around 40 when I left, and I don't think it got above 50, the sun was shining all day, the riding and scenery was spectacular, and I was getting paid, at least a little, for riding in this.  What a treat.  I basically wandered around Chianti, checking the routes.  Around 6 hours elapsed time, though, so kind of a long day.  102.9 kilometers in 4:44 for an average of 21.7 kph with 1366 meters of climbing.  Great, beautiful day.

Here are three views above Chiocchio.  I love the scenic climb 
here, and what a beautiful day today, even if it was a little chilly.

Love the snow emphasizing Monte Sechetti in the background.
It looks like riding up there should wait.

Vineyards and the road below descending from Passo de Sugame,
a little over half way through the day.

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