Thursday, February 12, 2015

Sette Ponte on a perfect February day for a ride.

Another perfect weather day, and the way the temperatures are increasing to become really nice around mid-day, it is perfect for errands in the morning, then out for 4 to 5 hours around noon, which was my day today.  I decided on strada sette ponte, one of my favorite rides and one that I don't normally do this time of year.  I did decide to omit the climb to Tosi and descend to San Ellero from Donnini, as it looked snowy up toward Tosi, and I am pretty much into enjoying the warmth right now while it lasts.  It is totally the reason I did not go into the Mugello today, as it seems to always be a little colder there.  Anyway, excellent ride today.  Just fantastic weather, and a very nice cafe and snack at my favorite place in Regello.  I almost always stop there when I ride through there, and even though it is once a month at most, both the older woman and I would guess her daughter, who work there definitely recognized me and welcomed me today.  It of course was in Italian, and I am always a little uncertain of exactly what people say when speaking at a normal speed, but the welcome was unmistakeable.  I took a nice break there eating a panini in the sun and enjoying my cafe machiato.  What a great day and great ride.  95.0 kilometers in 3:51 for an average speed of 24.8 kph with 1227 meters of climbing.

I have been feeling a little slow the last month and one half, and my times have been showing this.  Today, I seemed to get a little of my speed back, and had my second fastest time to San Donato in Collina, averaging 21 kph from home to the top of the hill.  Good for me.  Ciao, a prossima.  (Bye, until next time)

Green fields in February on a beautiful day in the Valdarno.

My favorite picture of the day really captures this incredibly green field with the Chianti ridge
in the background.  This is just past the outlet fashion malls, and this beautiful, peaceful view presents an interesting contrast to the malls.  

I was trying to show in this picture how close the big, snow capped peaks on 
the Monte Secchiette ridge look on this ride in places.  This is on the way to Regello.

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