Monday, February 23, 2015

Beautiful ride to the North and East. Just what I needed today.

Party yesterday, and two days of route scouting ahead, so I found time for a very nice ride today.  I had not been through Santa Brigida and Doccia in a while and decided to do that ride.  I went up through Pian de Mugnone to Fiesole, as I always try to vary my routes, and with all the options available, it can be done here.  Beautiful ride pretty much the whole day.  I started to write it was great on one piece, but really, it was wonderful all day.  I needed this as I heard from a very old college friend who has successfully battled cancer twice, once with Emily and I very involved as caregivers, wrote that it has returned.  It was hard not to simply cry, as he has gone through so much and just keeps trying.  He also wrote to a group from our college fraternity telling our very close group what was happening and eloquently wrote about how lucky he felt to have such a good close group of friends for around 45 years now.  We will support him as much as possible.

Anyway, I needed a good ride to raise my spirits, as bad, negative feelings will not help anyone.  I love that the bike almost always makes me feel good.  Great cafe and pastry in Rufina at Leif's favorite place.  Love the climb to Diacetto from Rufina.  75.9 kilometers in 3:25 to average 22.1 kph with 1332 meters climbed.  Send healing thoughts and prayers to my friend Steve in Denver.

Monteloro seen on the way to Santa Brigida.

This view is just after riding through the tiny town of Fornello.

Such a beautiful road and view just before Diacetto.

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