Monday, February 16, 2015

Excellent 3 hour ride between two days off the bike.

With collecting and printing all the information for what should prove to be an interesting work day tomorrow, I did not have that much time for a ride before my commitment of picking up grandchildren at school.  Tomorrow, I rent a car and review the route instructions for editing for 5 full days of riding.  Hope it will be accomplished tomorrow.  It is a little more work than I planned when I accepted the assignment, but the folks I am doing it for have really sent a fair amount of work my way for the coming season, so it is fine.  Today, I went to plan B, as time was limited to around 3 hours.  I did one of my favorite medium length rides, to Ponte a Ema, birthplace of Gino Bartali, up Via Carota to Osteria Nuova, then up to San Donato in Collina.  Average speed to San Donato was 21.4 kph, which I think is my second best effort by only 0.1 kph.  I was pushing it pretty hard, but it felt good.

I tried to back off after the climb, but sometimes you just go with what your body is telling you.  Nice ride on one of my favorite roads over to Bombone from Cellai, then down to Rosano.  Really an excellent pastry and cafe at a bar in Sieci, as the bar I had in mind just past Rosano was closed on Monday.  Perhaps today's bar will be used more.  I have been there a couple of times in the past and it has always been good and they are nice to me.  Just down from Sieci, I turn to climb to Croce alle Vetta thought Monteloro, which is what I had in mind when I went to plan B.  I had not climbed this in a while, and it was quite nice today.  Down Via Faentina through Caldine and Pian de Mugnone with a strong tailwind.  I earned it as I fought the headwind up Monteloro and at times between Cellai and Rosano.  Another great day on the bike, and after yesterday off the bike due to rain and tomorrow off the bike due to work, it was good to get out.  67.4 kilometers in 2:57 for an average of 22.8 kph with 1162 meters climbed.  Love it.

Looking North from the road to Bombone on another winter's day.

Beautiful view, a little cloudy, but not stormy, to the East
toward Castelfranco di Sopra.

Love this little road to Bombone, and this fun descent which just starts here.

New feature, based on my wife, Emily's, suggestion.  Bike of the month.
This was for advertising at a place called "Lolita's" on Borgo San Lorenzo,
in the center of Florence.  The lights were cooler in person.

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