Friday, February 20, 2015

Another nice day to ride in Chianti.

Another great day to ride, but with lots happening, new tires for the bike one of the things, my time was limited.  When I cleaned the bike yesterday, I examined the tires, as I was occasionally hearing something that seemed to come from the back tire.  There were a couple of worn spots, one in particular that looked dangerous in the long run.  So, before riding today, I went to the shop and bit the bullet to get new tires, and for a change, exactly what I wanted without regard to price.  They were a little pricy, but felt great as I rode today.  They also should last a long time, and after looking at all the reviews, and seeing what the pros are riding these days, I switched to 25's from 23's, which felt good.

I did a nice ride into Chianti, enjoying the climb through Vacciano and San Gersole to Impruneta.  Over to San Polo, then up one of my favorites to ride through Quarate and Capanuccia to Grassina, then home quickly.  Off to pick up Vitorrio now, then after babysitting, a concert tonight.  Ciao a tutti.

The tall grasses in seed frame this view to the south around Quarate.

Trees silhouetted above the vines on the way to Grassina.

View to the southwest on the way to Capanuccia.

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