Monday, January 6, 2014

Giro de Mugello on a perfect weather day.

I decided last night not to get up to meet the team, as we had dinner with Kate and Nicco, and I was not in bed ready to sleep until after 1.  So, a slow start this morning with clear skies and warming temperatures.  I had to be back at a certain time to go to Nicco's parents for "Buffana" which is kind of like American Christmas stockings, only at Epiphany, and the stocking is filled with candy.  Nicco's parents were having a family "tea" with stockings for 4 of the 6 grandchildren.  So, time constraints were present.  I still had 5 hours, and I had a route in mind which I thought would be around 4 hours, which it ended up being.  

I basically did a simple Giro de Mugello, with a number of added climbs and took some back roads instead of the main roads.  I started by climbing from Le Cure to San Domenico, then up to the descent to Maiano, then over to the Vincigliata climb.  As I climbed, the temperatures climbed with me as I left the cold inversion in the valley in Florence behind.  I took off some clothes and did some adjustments, then enjoyed the amazing weather today.  After the Vincigliata climb, I descended to Compiobbi, then went out the main road to Sieci, only around 5 kilometers, where I turned off to climb to the Windmill.  This is a very scenic valley and climb and it is one of my favorites.  On the way there is a little descent, and I hit a small hole and had a flat on the front tire.  I stopped and changed tubes, and was a little cautious as I only carry one spare tube, and I had 60 kilometers to ride.  I checked the tire pretty good, and got it pumped up and continued.  

After the climb to the windmill, I descended to Rufina, where I joined the main road to Dicomano.  It is only around 10 kilometers on the main road, and after Dicomano, I cross the river and there is a wonderful little road that goes almost all the way to the Via Faentina climb.  Around 10 k into this road, I noticed the front tire going flat again.  I figured it was a slow leak and just pumped it up.  Well, after a couple of kilometers it was going flat again, so I stopped.  I was pretty sure I had a patch kit, and did find it.  It took a little time and my remaining water to find the location of the hole, but the patch worked fine.  I checked the tire really well, and there was a little piece of glass embedded in the tire that did not poke through unless you hit a bump.  I believe this was the culprit.  I was able to get the little piece of glass out, the patch held, and I was back on the road.  

I enjoyed the remainder of the ride to the climb, then enjoyed the climb to Croce alle Vetta.  From there, it was a wonderful descent back to town.  As you descended, you could definitely feel the location of the temperature inversion, as the temperature fell.  Even with the hour plus of dealing with the 3 flats, it was a wonderful ride.  The skies were crystal clear and it was pretty warm most of the way.  52.2 miles in 3:46 rolling time for an average speed of 13.8 mph with 4623 vertical feet climbed at an average temperature (sun effected) of 54.  

Vincigliata, Compiobbi, Sieci, Windmill, Rufina, Dicomano, Croce Vetta, Fi by ridingwithcosimo at Garmin Connect - Details

What a day!  This is on the way from Sieci to the Windmill.

The beautiful back road from Dicomano to the start of the Via Faentina climb.

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