Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Back on the bike after the Sicily trip.

Emily and I returned from a wonderful trip to Sicily last night.  I promise a post with lots of pictures when we get a rainy day that does not allow a ride.  Today, I finished the shelves I gave Emily as a Christmas present that hides heat pipes in our entry area.  The promised rain had not arrived when I finished, so I was off for a ride.  The rain was not supposed to really arrive until later in the day, and I ended up lucky and dry for a two and a half hour ride.  Four whole days off the bike, which is a long recovery period for me, so I selected a relatively flat ride to the East and South.

I left by riding through the Cascine park, then out to the back way to Signa.  It was a little chilly, and I normally do some climbing soon after I start, so the chill was real.  Also, after our first day in Sicily, it was sunny and basically pretty warm.  From Signa, I crossed the river to Lastra a Signa, then climbed the little pass toward Ginestra Fiorentina.  A nice, mellow climb, with an excellent descent into the Val de Pesa below.  I rode up the valley and decided on extending the ride a little and climbed the tiny back road to the ridge, then up the ridge toward Montagnana.  You join the road to Cerbia just below Montagnana, and I then enjoyed the screaming descent to Cerbia.  The climb to Chiesa Nuova is always a favorite of mine, then a fast slight descent to the road to Scandicci.  The Scandicci descent is another screamer, then it is a simple power ride home on busy, city roads.  Even the city roads are fun, thought.

Fun ride and good to be back on the bike.  35.2 miles in 2:23 rolling time for an average speed of 14.7 mph with 1386 vertical feet climbed at an average temperature of 56.  Ciao!

Signa, Ginestra, Montagnana, Cerbia, Chiesa Nuova, Firenze by ridingwithcosimo at Garmin Connect - Details

The skies were grey and threatening as I climbed the little pass
between Lastra and Ginestra.

This villa is on the pretty ridge climb toward Montagnana.

The benefit of all the rain we are having these days is the incredible
green the countryside is showing.  Che Bella!

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