Sunday, February 16, 2014

Perfect team tour on a perfect day!

All I can say about today's ride is WOW!  It is mid-February and the average temperature was 65, just perfect.  We had around 12 from the team and took a very nice pace that allowed everyone to stay together to Greve.  After Greve, it all broke apart on the climb to Panzano, which is to be expected.  I was the first to jump ahead, and only 3 of the 12 ended up stronger than I on the climb, and Luca Lacalamita was only 20 feet ahead at the top.  I did push it pretty had and ended up with a personal best on the last, and they say the hardest part of the climb.  We regrouped in Panzano, and only 6 of us decided to continue.  A number of riders were tired and wanted to return home from Panzano.

That was fine, and 6 of us continued and really enjoyed the remainder of the tour.  We descended from Panzano to the valley floor below, and turned to climb through La Piazza to the main road just above San Donato in Poggio.  This was just a super piece of riding.  The weather was simply spectacular and the scenery, the road, and the lack of any traffic made it dream like.  From San Donato, we enjoyed the descent to Sambuca, then Bargino, then climbed to San Casciano where we again regrouped.  We descended down to Falciani and powered back into town on the main road.

Today's ride was one of those where I realize what a gift it is to be here and ride.  At times our group of 12 turned into 40 or 50 on the way to Greve.  Two pro teams passed us, one on full on time trial bikes, and one that appeared to be a development squad.  Both with cars.  It is just such a fun cycling scene to be a part of.  If you can keep up and work with the group, you are totally accepted into the fold.  It just makes me feel great to be here and doing this.  56.7 miles in 3:31 rolling time for an average speed of 16.1 mph with 3132 vertical feet climbed at an average temperature of 65.  What a day!

Greve, Panzano, LaPiazza, San Donato, San Casciano, Firenze by ridingwithcosimo at Garmin Connect - Details

Coming up toward La Piazza.  Che Bella!

Starting the climb to La Piazza from the valley below Panzano.

What a beautiful day and perfect ride.

The countryside and the road above on the climb to San Donato.

Lorenzo and Luigi on the last difficult part of the climb toward San Donato.

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