Sunday, June 14, 2015

3 days on good client tours.

Three days worth of tours, and although today's was the longest, I was back the earliest and had time to catch up with the blog.  Friday was another nice Chianti tour for Florence by Bike to Villa le Corti.  I think I will be able to do the tour of the cellars and wine / olive oil production areas soon.  As always, an excellent lunch.  Good group who had a fun day.

Yesterday, was a van supported tour day with two families and another guide, Leif.  2 vans, 2 guides, 2 families.  It is always interesting to make bicycle touring work with young (8 year old) children and we had two yesterday along with one 10 year old, a 12 year old, and a 14 year old.  Two nice families who met in Oman where both dads are working for different oil companies.  The coordinated parts of their Italian vacations to work together and the cycling day was one of the joint days.  Everyone did well and had a good time.  After a relatively short tour due to logistics and timing, we had an excellent, large lunch at Podere la Capella.  Natasha, who is the owner's daughter, is just an excellent cook and it is a pleasure to be at her table.  A very different, but nice tour of their very small cellar / production area.

Today was a private tour through Florence by Bike with the Newnam family.  TR was only 10, but he and his dad ride together in North Carolina where they live.  Anna was 15, but did not ride much.  Everyone was on "race" bikes and did quite well.  Everyone climbed relatively steep climbs quickly and enjoyed the day.  A nice stop in Impruneta and an even better stop in San Casciano for a quick lunch as the rain came down.  It was pretty much over when we got back out on the bikes, as we waited a bit to get back on.  Another great day with a fun family.

Friday I had a Chianti tour for Florence by Bike to Villa le Corti.
Here is the group at the Villa before the tour, tasting, and lunch.
Mike and Margo, on their honeymoon, embarking on second 
marriages for both.  Molly, a brave young lady from Buffalo who
was out and ready to go even when her two traveling companions
decided it would be too hard.  Steve and Sarah, and young and 
very nice couple from England.  Fun to interact with so many
different people.

Two families, the Ellis family and the Langin family on a van 
supported tour yesterday.  Great to have another guide, Leif,
on the tour.  Everyone did well and had a great day.  Here 
are all nine in San Pancrazio before out big descent.

Anna, Todd, and TR on the way to Impruneta from Vacciano.

The Newnam family in Impruneta after finishing our snack /
cafe.  Both the kids, Anna and TR loved the pastries, but 
what's not to love about fresh baked pastries.

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