Sunday, June 28, 2015

Montesenario solo.

Really nice 2 hour ride to Montesenario and back using a loop.  I enjoy all this ride, even if it has a bit of hard climbing.  For me, a nice solo ride, with a fair amount of effort is the best way to recharge the batteries.  3 days in a row of tours coming up, so it was great to get out on my own.  Ciao a tutti.

42.2 kilometers in 2:04 with 920 meters of climbing.

Looking toward the Garfagnana from Montesenario.

Monte Morello from Montesenario.  Super clear day.

The church at Montesenario.  I saw more people there today than all the other
times I have been there, probably around 100 people.  I guess it is a popular 
Sunday destination on a hot Florence summer day.

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