Thursday, June 11, 2015

FBB Chianti tour to Villa le Corti for Dutch couple.

Nice Florence by Bike Chianti tour today with Willem and Hilde from Belgium.  They spoke Dutch, which is kind of like German, and kind of like French.  Luckily, their English was great so we could communicate.  Fun couple and a nice tour to Villa le Corti.  Not too hot, and a pleasant ride as they were pretty strong, as this is the hardest tour I do for FBB.  Same tour up tomorrow for FBB with 4 people.  

A view from the park in San Casciano with Willem and Hilde
in the background.

In San Casciano taking a short break and enjoying the view.

The aging room for the Don Tomasso brand of Chianti 
Classico Riserva at Villa le Corti.

Patricia with Willem and Hilde on the tour of the cellars at 
Villa le Corti.

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