Monday, June 8, 2015

Ballet recital and a ride between visits to the Questura.

Yesterday late afternoon / early evening I had one of those experiences that make a grandfather's heart want to burst.  Our granddaughter, Viola, had her first dance / ballet show.  Her group is part of a much larger school, which gets pretty serious as the kids get older.  They had been preparing for this show for weeks, and it was simply wonderful.  Some of the older girls seemed almost professional quality to me, and whomever put it all together had everyone from ages 5 to 19 working together in a very professional looking performance.  Great job everyone, in particular Viola.  The hug she gave us when she came out from the performers exit was fantastic.

Today is / was immigration day for me.  I was at the Questura for Immigration this morning around 7:15 then stood in a long line for almost an hour to get a letter and number which I then wait to have called.  Around 7:45 I realized I had forgotten my passport, and had to call Emily, who saved the day for me by bringing it there.  I really did not wait long for my number to be called, and it went easily there.  They want me back at 3:00 this afternoon with more photos and to do I think a full hand print including fingerprints.  They did finger prints electronically this morning, and with lots of racket in the building and the explanation in Italian, I was not sure why I need to return for additional prints this afternoon.  Perhaps it was simply that I did not have enough or the correct sized photos for them.

I had a chance to get out before it got really hot today, and chose a route that kept me close to water fountains for the head dousing and drinking, and tried to stay in the shade.  That combined with much of the ride being climbing, as it is cooler at higher altitudes, kept the ride quite nice.  Out through Le Cure to Fiesole, water, up then down to Compiobbi, then climbing Monteloro and Montefanna.  Water in Monteloro, which is somehow kept cold, nice, the finishing the climb to the top of Montefanna.  Back down to above Fiesole, then up to Olmo, then home through Caldine.  Great ride and I was not too hot.  49.2 k in 2:23 with 970 meters of climbing.  Strava had the average temperature at 90, so it was hot.  

Looking toward Madonna del Sasso from above Monteloro.  Che bella!

Looking east from above Monteloro.  You can almost feel the heat
shimmering in the arno valley below.

Today's ride was about staying in the shade and not being too
far from a water fountain, both of which I managed to achieve.

A beautiful theatre here in Florence with people arriving for the
ballet school's annual show.

Quite a stage for a 6 year old's first ballet recital.  They are part of 
a larger company with dancers into their late teens, so it was not
as absurd as it seems here.  

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