Sunday, June 21, 2015

Giro de Mugello plus Giogo with the team.

Great tour this morning with the team.  It had been a while for me, as I have been a little overly busy of late.  Up early, but just a very nice ride with some great folks.  We started with 8, lost two who were not feeling their best by Dicomano, around 45 kilometers out.  Lost another in Dicomano, then one more at the turn to go to Giogo.  We ended up with 4 of us climbing this pass and really enjoyed our day.  Marco has become quite a bit stronger in the last year and for the first time dropped me on a climb.  Jean Lu was tired and both Marco and I waiting a bit at the top for Jean Lu and Rebecca.  I gave Rebecca a high five for having to wait for Jean Lu, who is usually quite competitive.  Excellent crostata albicocca at the bar at the pass, then a good return ride.  Really enjoyed the day, thanks everyone.  A prossima!

Marco's record photo at Passo del Giogo for the team's Brevetto
de Firenze competition.  He has one pass to go with 4 completed.

Marco, Jean Lu, and Rebecca at the Passo del Giogo.

My best selfie to date.  All the others were pretty bad.  Just shows what
a little coaching from the young people can do.  

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