Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Brevetto complete - Passo del Muraglione today.

I had a really nice solo ride today.  The weather forecast had it not being quite so warm with a reasonable chance of thundershowers late in the day.  Both happened, and my tour was great.  I think I needed a long tour by myself, as I seemed to gain energy as I rode.  I guess it can be harder in some ways to go on shorter, slower rides with clients than a big pass and almost 120 k on my own.  I finished the team challenge of the Brevetto for Florence by Bike, riding 5 different passes from Florence on 5 different rides.  One of the rules was only one pass per ride could count.  It was a fun challenge and now it is in the books.  Both Jean Lu and Rebecca finished this before me, but it was nice to finish today.  The road to Muraglione is just wonderful.  It starts in Dicomano with what Luca told me last November is called Mangia e Beve, which is Italian cycling slang for generally up, but with some descents thrown in.  After Spicchio, the road asserts itself and averages around 5 to 6% to the top.  It is around 800 meters vertical from Dicomano in around 18 kilometers.  Really fun ride today.

Here, almost at the top of the pass, there is a nice view of the road switchbacking
below.  It did not really come through well in the picture, but in person
you could see a few different locations of the road just climbed.

Still taking the world's worst selfies, but I needed to document
the pass Muraglione for the team brevetto competition.

The bike with the passo sign at Muraglione.
It's a better picture than my selfie.

A couple of pictures of the bar at the pass.  I needed a short break,
and the crostata and cafe machiato were quite good.  

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