Tuesday, July 31, 2012

7-30,31 rides


It is cleaning day for us here, so I set off around 11:40 for a relatively short ride, as it was already getting hot.  I rode to Piazza della Cure, and took the back road to San Domenico, then continued up the hill toward Fiesole, and turned off toward Miano.  It is a good descent to the base of the climb to Vincigliata, probably loosing 500 vertical of the 700 climbed at the start.  The climb to the road above Vincigliata is a good, relatively strenuous climb, gaining I would guess around 1000 vertical.  From here, I went to Montebeni, then down the sinuous, relatively steep descent to Compiobbi.  From Compiobbi, I rode the main road back to Firenze.  Only 27 kilometers in around 1 hour 20 minutes.

The back road to San Domenico goes from quite small to tiny here.

The tower at Vincigliata from a little ways up the climb.

The castello and torre at Vincigliata from just below the castle.


Today's ride was based on finding some roads in the area I was looking at from my deck last night.  I set off with the idea of exploring some of the roads in the Arcetri area above Piazzale Michaelangelo and Poggio Imperiale.  I found pretty much all the roads, and most went pretty much where the maps suggested.  A couple were pretty cool, but the drop from the top to the road between Galluzzo and Pozzolatico was very steep, I would guess in the 20% plus range, and connected to the main road at that steep an angle.  I am not sure if it will hit the standard repertoire, but we shall see.  From the junction, I rode to Pozzolatico, then almost to Mezzomonte, turning off for San Gersole just before the town of Mezzomonte.  The road to San Gersole, then down to Grassina is newly paved, so yippee!  I found a new water station in San Gersole, right before the real descent starts, so that is good also.  From Grassina, I went to Antella, although I was trying for the direct road to Cappanuccia, but did not go far enough up to catch it.  From Antella, I climbed what was a pretty standard route to a little hill top, then descended into Cappanuccia.  There, I found Via Ruggero, which climbs past Castello Ruggero, a winery, then drops to the road between Strada in Chianti and San Polo.  I climbed to San Polo, got some more water, then climbed the hill between San Polo and Cappanuccia, descending the great road to Cappanuccia.  From there, I went back to Grassina, marking the location of the road in my mind, then to Ponte a Ema, found the back way to Cinque Vie, then the back way around to Piazza Ferruci, then back home.  Around 55 kilometers in around 2 and 1/2 hours, with a guess of 2000 vertical feet climbed.

One of the new roads I was exploring on the hill above Arcetri.

Right on!  Perfect, new floor on the San Gersole road.

Trees framing the hill toward the top of the climb from Cappanuccia to the 
Strada in Chianti / San Polo road.

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