Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Rides 7-23 and 7-24


I did a relatively quick ride this morning, as we had a full day of errands after being in the mountains for a week or so.  I rode my new back way to San Domenico, then continued up the road to Fiesole to the turn-off for Miano.  I descended to Miano, then over to the base of the road to Vincigliata.  This is my first time riding down to Miano and up to Vincigliata.  The climb was really beautiful, but relatively hard in places.  I was at the top in around 30 minutes and descended to Fiesole, then turned off for the descent into Pian de Mugnone.  From there, I rode down Via Faentina to Piazze delle Cure, then rode over the bridge and home.  25 kilometers in one hour nine minutes riding time.  As I lost my camera in Ortisei, I have no pictures for today.  After speaking with Emily, I will be able to borrow her's until I can purchase something new.


We are off to Forte de Marmi tomorrow for a couple of days, so I set off for a relatively long ride today.  I started with my new favorite way out of the city, going the back way from Piazza della Cure to San Domenico.  There I joined the main route to Fiesole, climbing there, then continuing above Fiesole to the contouring gradual climb to Alberaccio.  From there, I went over to Santa Brigida, where I saw my landlord from last winter and stopped for a chat.  His English is better than my Italian, but he lets me work on the Italian and is helpful when I struggle for words.  We had a nice chat, then I continued through Fornello and Doccia, turning off at the molin de vento (windmill) to descend to Rufina.  The wind was howling, so I tempered my speed as a side wind freaks me out with the sudden bike movements on the descent.  From Rufina, I climbed the back road to Diacetto.  This is a wonderful climb of around 1500 vertical, a rarely used road, not too steep, and a very pleasant ride.  From Diacetto, I descended to Pelago, then descended to the main road back to Pontesieve.

I had seen a back road from Compiobbi to above Monteloro on the computer last night, and wanted to give it a try.  I already had around 3500 vertical climbed, but decided I felt good and gave it a try.  So I turned off a Compiobbi, and found the road easily.  It went pretty much where the map on the computer showed, but in places it hit around 15% steepness, which is hard for me if it continues very long.  It only really stayed at 15% plus once for more than 100 meters, when it must have been that steep for 500 meters.  I was still thinking it was a cool road, as there was virtually no traffic, and right after it seemed to crest the hill, it appeared quite idillic.  Well, right after this, the road turned to dirt, which is not too bad, but eventually the dirt turned to a double track that would be more appropriate for a mountain bike.  I continued and the piece that was roughest was only for 200 meters or so, then it did join the Monteloro road above Monteloro.  I rode that to the top, then went up a little more to the via Faentina road from Olmo down through Caldine, Pian de Mugnone, and back home.  Right around 92 kilometers in 4 hours 25 minutes.  I think close to 4500 vertical.  Good fun ride.  I am not sure if the new route from Compiobbi to above Monteloro will be used again, but exploring is good for the soul.


My new favorite way out of town to the North.  Beautiful road with almost no traffic.

View from just past Fornello toward Doccia.  The ridge in the background is the climb to Diacetto.

The climb from Rufina to Diacetto.  Acone (a favorite ride and exceptionally difficult climb) is in the background.

A tiny town about 2/3 the way up the climb from Rufina to Diacetto.

A beautiful scene on the new backroad from Compiobbi to above Monteloro.  Just after what you can see in the picture, the road turned to dirt, then eventually rough, rocky dirt.

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