Friday, July 6, 2012

Friday ride to Monte Morello, new road!

This morning I rode up Via Bolognese toward Montorsoli where I tried to find some water to recharge as the climb was around 2/3 complete and it was already around 90.  I couldn't find the water there, so I went to Pratolino and filled and doused my head at my normal spot there.  I took the back way from Pratolino to the Monte Morello road that I had found and rode last week in reverse.  It is actually an easier way to the same spot as you miss the 12% climb portion.  From there, I rode the normal route to the top, but on the descent, I was looking for a new route that would take me toward Sommaia.  There is one place on the descent where it is quite steep, and right at the bottom of the steep portion, a small, very small road appears on the left.  I checked my map and decided this was the correct road even though there were signs saying Pericoloso, Strada primitivo, and caution.  Actually, the road was fine, and it was the right road and a very nice 6 kilometers or so to Sommaia.  I check a couple of routes there, and found the right way to Calenzano.  Checking the maps, I am planning a longer ride all the way over toward San Piero a Sieve, looping by a large reservoir, then returning on a road that ends at the location I just found.

After checking the maps again, I needed to find my way back to Florence on the roads on the edge of the city.  This was really quite easy, as the signage is good, and you can pretty much follow signs that say Firenze and I knew I needed to get to Sesto Fiorentina on the way  Back in about 2 and 1/2 hours, with a riding time of around 2 hours and a total distance of 48 kilometers.  Another beautiful, curvy, bike path sized road found and ridden.

The contouring climb to the top of the Monte Morello road.

Another shot of the beautiful route through the woods to Monte Morello.

The tiny road to Sommaia.

The same road with a beautiful bell tower in the background.

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