Sunday, July 1, 2012

Sunday ride - Pratolino, Bivigliano, Fiesole, etc.

With a much slower start this morning, after a relaxed breakfast with eggs, toast, the Italian version of bacon, tea, and fruit, I got organized for a short / medium ride.  (Who says you cannot put together an American breakfast here)  I rode up Via Bolognese, took the turn off for Monte Morello, which means doing the entire 10% plus part of the climb, then took a new road to Pratolino.  I was in Pratolino before I knew it, the new road only being around 2k.  Recharge water and run my head under the water to cool off, then off to Bivigliano via the really nice back road through Caselline and Viliano.  There is a beautiful descent after Caselline that is really fun.  From Viliano, you climb one of two routes to Bivigliano.  There are some nice benches in the shade just after leaving Bivigliano, which I took advantage of for a snack and more water.  After the break you contour / descend to the junction of 4 roads above L'Olmo.  I took the road down to Fiesole, and as I was out of water now, continued to Fiesole rather than the option through Vincigliata.  Recharge the water in Fiesole, run it over my head to cool off the core temperature, then down the back road to Pian de Mugnone, then return home through Piazza della Cure.

A nice ride of 1 hour 45 minutes riding time and around 41 kilometers, with around 2000 vertical feet of climbing.  It is so nice to have these great riding options right from the front door.  Even if it is hot, I need to remind myself of how lucky I am to be here trying this new adventure.  Lately with the heat and no real response yet to the tours I am offering, it has been easy to get a little down.  As the say in New York (at least on TV and in the movies) fo-get-about-it.  I am reminding myself to constantly enjoy the wonderful opportunity I have here.  Ciao, ciao.

The start of the new road to Pratolino from the Monte Morello road.

The beautiful road to Caselline above Pratolino.

A beautiful villa right at the turn to Bivigliano after climbing from Viliano.

The view from the bench while having a snack just outside of Bivigliano.

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