Saturday, July 14, 2012

Saturday ride 7-14

Up and off for a ride around 10 am.  A little late as it is predicted to be around 95 today, but the morning starts with relatively cool temperatures.  I ride through the centro in Firenze to Porta Romana, then climb Bellasguardo.  I haven't left town this way in a while and it used to be my standard route, so it was fun.  I cruise through Scandicci after Bellasguardo, then make the big climb up to Marciano.  From there, I descend down to Vigliano, then proceed on the road adjacent to the highway, and take the first bridge in hopes of finding a very back road method I rode with Don and Kay to Marliano.  I find the road, and it is tiny but quite fun, which is how I remember it.  It starts with a very steep climb, I would guess around 15% for around 250 vertical feet, then the climb mellows out / contours, then you descend into Marliano.  I check for water in Marliano, but do not find it.  From there, I go over to the more main road then turn left to descend to Ginestra Fiorentina.  Here, I am looking for a different route to lead me to Montagnana, which I find.  It is a lovely climb and a relatively deserted road with a good surface.

From Montagnana, I rode over on the ridge / climb through San Quirico (where I unsuccessfully looked for water again) then up to San Pancrazio, where I do find water.  A good dousing, as it has really become hot, then filling up with nice, cold water, and fill up the bottle, taking a little break and having a small snack.  From San Pancrazio, I do the very fast descent to the valley below, then the relatively nasty climb to San Casciano.  I was thinking about finding the main road, as the climb is pretty mellow there, but it would have meant descending another 200 feet then re-climbing it. After San Casciano, I ride through Spedellato, then fill water and douse my head and take a break at Chiesa Nuova.  From here it is down to Galluzzo, then over to the back road to Cascine del Ricco, then Cinque Vie, climbing from there the back way to Piazza Ferrucci.  Home on the Viales.  A little over 80 k in 3 hours 40 minutes, which is pretty good for me.  All in all, another great ride.

The beautiful little road climbing through Marciano.

The super tiny road to Marliano from Vigliano.  Thanks, Don and Kay.

Another shot of the beautiful tiny road to Marliano.

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