Monday, July 2, 2012

Ride, Permesso de Sogiorno

Last night we were set for Italia / Spain for the European soccer championship.  The park across the street has set up a big screen to watch and the turn-out for the games has increased as the tournament progressed.  We went over to the park to be with a crowd, but it was more than a little wild.  There were so many people and the game started early enough that it was relatively impossible to see anything there.  We wanted to watch with the group, but we wanted to see the game, so, we returned home and streamed the game on the computer, which Spain won in a convincing manner.  Oh well, it was fun to follow where everyone care so much about it.

Up with my normal relatively slow breakfast and out for a ride by 9:30 or so.  I set off around the Viales to the route to Bagno a Ripoli, then climbed up through Osteria Nuova then San Donato in Collina where I found the water source.  I have ridden up there many times, but not needed water.  Now I know the location.  Down the long hill through Troghi, Le Cellai, and turning off after Le Vallie.  There I took a new road which ended up on the small river road by the Arno, then rather quickly I found the road up to Bombone.  This is a relatively tough climb and one particular section always seems to push me.  It is a really beautiful road and after the turn toward Santa Caterina then up to Bombone, it is truly a one lane road where when I meet a vehicle while riding, we both need to move to the side.  From Bombone, I rode down to Torri, where I had a break and got more water.  From there, I rode over through Volognano, then down to Rosano, a really beautiful descent, and a screamer.  After Rosano, I crossed the river and rode the main road through Sieci, Girone, etc.  back into town.  Although I thought yesterday would be overly hot and tiring after a long hot ride on Saturday, the heat today whipped me pretty good.

A beautiful flowering shrub on the road to San Donato.

A vineyard and small villa on the new route from Vialle.

A vineyard on the road to Santa Caterina.

The tiny road to Bombone from Santa Caterina.

Last Friday, I received a text message telling me that today at 3:30, I can go to the Questura that specializes in immigration and pick up my Permesso de Soggiorno.  Being who we are, Emily and I planned and arrived at 2:30, which was a good thing, as I was given a number of F227, and they started at F001 at 2:35.  Anyway, I had my permesso in hand by 4:30!  Hooray!  Emily checked as to why she had not received a text for her to come, and they looked it up and simply said she would get a text soon and not to worry.

The counters at the Questura, no numbers called yet.

Looking the other direction at the Questura, around 300 people waiting, and the numbers have just started being called - there is a beep, then a board that displays the number and the sportello.

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