Friday, July 5, 2013

Fun afternoon ride in the heat.

Another day of some errands, getting ready for a tour for Dominick tomorrow, and a nice lunch out with Emily.  I got away around 4 and needed to be back back 6 or so, so no long ride for today.  That turned out to be fine, as it was pretty hot out there today.  I climbed on the viales past Piazzale Michaelangelo then up to Poggio Imperiale.  Next I enjoyed the descent to Galluzzo, then did the climb, super steep, I am guessing averaging around 15% up Pozzolattico Vecchio to Pozzolattico.  On the main road up to Impruneta, feeling good all the way.  Logged another personal best on that climb.  Water and a head dousing in Impruneta, although I had to search for the fountain, as the one I normally use was dry.

From Impruneta, descend / climb / descend / climb to Strada where I went through town, then took the turn on the south side of town to descend then climb to San Polo.  I had not done this in a while, and it was really fun.  The climb to San Polo is beautiful with a very gentle nice grade.  At San Polo, more water and another head dousing, then a climb up then over and down to Cappanuccia, then into Grassina.  From Grassina, it is quick to Cinque Vie, then I can take my favorite way into town.  Nice ride.  31.1 miles in 2:01 for an average speed of 15.4 mph with 4360 vertical feet climbed at a hot average temperature of 94.  Still fun.

Impruneta, Strada, San Polo, Grassina, Cinque Vie, Firenze by ridingwithcosimo at Garmin Connect - Details

The super tiny and steep climb on Pozzolattico vecchio.

A couple of shots of the beautiful road between 
Strada and San Polo, a great climb with a wonderful,
consistent grade of around 2%.

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