Monday, July 15, 2013

Monday solo ride through Monteloro.

I did some errands, then Emily and I went into town for a cafe and ended up doing some shopping.  I am not a good shopper, in particular when shopping for clothes for me.  I have lost enough weight that most of my "nice" pants really don't fit, and are not very wearable.  We are off for a break to the Dolomites on Friday and are splurging on a very nice hotel where we stayed last summer.  Anyway, I could use some presentable pants for the trip.  There was a big sale at Coin, a department store in the centro, and we found a couple of pairs.  I guess that is the long way to say I did not get started riding until around 2:15, and it was already pretty hot.  Being a Colorado mountain boy, I will probably need to redefine hot, but it was hot to me.  I have some things I need to do tonight, so I decided on a 2 hour or so ride.

I have not ridden the main route to Fiesole much, and with the new paving for the World Championships, it was very nice.  I did a personal best as well - maybe the new pavement makes you faster as well.  From Fiesole, I climbed to the road over toward Montebeni, and then descended to Compiobbi, a sweet descent.  A kilometer or two on the main road, then the turn to take the Monteloro climb.  Always a favorite, and riding my old bike was different.  I enjoyed the climb and really enjoyed soaking my head and drinking lots of water in Monteloro.  I continued up to the Olmo road, then turned left and descended to Fiesole.  Another head soaking, more water, then the descent to Pian de Mugnone.  I was hoping for fresh pavement all the way, but there are a couple of spots where new curb and gutter is being installed, and the new pavement will wait for that to be complete.  Either way it is kind of fun to ride the course that the best pros will be riding in the Worlds in September.  Back home through Le Cure.

Another fun ride here in Tuscany.  The summary is:  26.8 miles in 1:58 rolling time for an average speed of 13.6 mph with 2600 vertical feet of climbing at an average temperature of 93.  Ciao.

Solo - Fiesole, Compiobbi, Monteloro, Fiesole, Pian de Mugnone by ridingwithcosimo at Garmin Connect - Details

A super view around the monastery on the way to Monteloro.

A nice, shady piece of road on the climb to Monteloro.

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