Sunday, July 28, 2013

Sunday morning con squadra.

Up early and off for a ride with the team this morning.  We had a group of 6, which is a fair amount for this time of year.  Here, most people are at the sea and now most are off on vacation soon.  We took of and rode a pretty normal route toward Lastra a Signa, but crossed back to Signa, then climbed to Carmignano which I had descended a few times but never climbed.  It was really nice this direction, and with a group of pretty strong riders, we rode pretty quickly up the hill, only stopping once mid-way up to re-group.  We got back together at Pinone, then enjoyed the descent to Vitiolini, then Empoli.  We found some water in Empoli, then continued back to Montelupo.  We rode the valley to Cerbia, then climbed to Chiesa Nuova.

At the water fountain at the top of the climb, we stopped, cooled off and refilled the bottles while we waited for everyone to finish the climb.  We hung there for a little, and around 10 to 15 more riders came by and enjoyed the water.  Some threw water at friends as they passed.  Basically a scene and a lot of fun at the top.  We returned through Scandicci, losing Chris at the base of the descent as he wanted to add more climbing.  Everyone gradually peeled off to return to their homes, and Leif and I stopped at Pasticerria Liberta for a cafe and a pastry.  Leif is off on a 4 week vacation in a few days.

Good ride everyone.  Summary is:  55 miles in 3:16 rolling time for an average speed of 16.8 mph with 2430 vertical feet climbed at a nice early morning average temperature of 82.  Ciao.

Sunday with the team - Signa, Pinone, Vitolini, Montelupo, Chiesa Nuova by ridingwithcosimo at Garmin Connect - Details

4 of 6 at the top of the climb to Pinone.  Luigi was still on 
his way up.  

I dropped back a little and caught the group on the way to Cerbia.
Beautiful morning.

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