Thursday, July 25, 2013

Return to Firenze - a ride in the Tuscan hills.

Back home yesterday after a super fun break in the Dolomiti.  Back on the bike here in Firenze, and off into the hills of Chianti.  I took off up past Piazzale Michaelangelo, then up to Poggio Imperiale.  I descended to Galluzzo, then took the road over to Cinque Vie so I could climb through Vacciano to San Gersole.  Always a fun climb.  I hooked up to the main road to Impruneta and finished the climb just above Monteoriolo.  I took the funky little descent through Baruffi down to just before Tavernuzze, then continued out on the main road to the Luiano turn off.

I am thinking about this route for some clients next Wednesday and wanted to get a handle of the timing.  With it taking me 4 hours, I may need to reconsider, or just skip the Montefiridolfi piece.  I enjoyed the Luiano climb, and just before I turned on to the road, a rider from the other direction turned on the Luiano road.  He looked fit, had a total kit, so I assumed he was Italian.  I was pretty surprised when I passed him in a couple of minutes, and he did not stay with me.  When I was behind, we were pretty much going the same speed.  Anyway, it makes an old man feel good to pass a fit young rider.  I will take all the ego boosts I can get.

I decided on the addition of the Montefiridolfi loop, although this may not be part of the client ride.  I just enjoy going to and through this little town.  I rode over on the ridge to Bibbione, then down to the valley before starting the climb to San Casciano.  I enjoyed the climb as always, although I was only 3rd on my best times.  Strava is a tough task master to get a personal best.  I returned home through Chiesa Nuova and Scandicci.  Another fun day in the Tuscan hills.  Very different riding than the Dolomiti.  I think there are so many more options here, a different kind of beauty, and more user friendly.  Most of the climbs I did in the Dolomiti were a minimum of 3000 vertical at a time.  Here, they can be steep, but most are not more than 1000 to 1500 vertical.  Fun no matter what.  Love it!

Back in Firenze - Chianti hills close in. by ridingwithcosimo at Garmin Connect - Details

A couple of photos within 1/2 kilometer of each other,
on the climb above Vacciano on the way to San Gersole.

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