Friday, April 11, 2014

2 days with Ford Motor Canada dealers on incentive tours.

Just finished with a crazy couple of full days of work, actually more like two and one half.  Wednesday afternoon, I met Leif, a fellow guide at the shop and we reviewed and updated two tool boxes that go with us on Dominick's van supported tours.  Then the truck to take the bikes arrived along with Rebecca our third guide for the first day.  We found and loaded 23 hybrid bikes and 5 road bikes for Thursday's group.  We had some but not all information needed so we simply took extra bikes.  I met the truck driver early the next morning on the south side of town, and we set off for Castellina where the tour would start.  We set up the bikes, as shown below, and waited for the group.

The group arrives, and getting 23 people set up on different is kind of like herding cats, difficult, but if you stay with it, you get it done.  We broke into three groups, and I was off as soon as possible with the "fast" group.  We had a possible alternate route, with more riding and climbing, but in the end, we did the standard route and barely made it in time for lunch.  The other groups were picked up in vans to make lunch on time.  The route is really nice and it is a true quality experience that Dominick offers.  We rode from Castellina down to the valley below, a good, fun descent, then over and up to a beautiful medieval town, Monteriggione.  A nice stop for cafe, bathroom break, and a little walking around.  I got my group back on the bikes, and we were off again.

Dominick, the owner of the company I was working for stayed with my group the remainder of the day, as the big boss of the group, was with me and is an avid cyclist.  He had one of the road bikes and brought shoes and pedals.  Dominick was reasonably nervous about having everything be as good as it could be, so he added a little stress at least to my situation.  We did not have time for the alternate route, but the route we finished with is really beautiful.  Basically, from Monteriggione we were off on 15 kilometers of gradually climbing excellent back roads.  We arrived in Colle Val d'Elsa for an amazing, large lunch, then back to Florence to return a little over half the bikes, and set up for today.

Day 2 was just Leif and I,  12 clients (all different people), and 3 support vans.  Same set up and route. Really good group, and probably a more relaxed day.  So, I am happy to have the work, and although I am tired, it was a great experience and I really believe all the clients 35 total had a wonderful time and experience, which is really the point.  Thanks Ford Motor Company Canada and thanks Dominick for the work.  Ciao.

Day 2 - Ford Motor Canada - Castellina / Colle Val d'Elsa by ridingwithcosimo at Garmin Connect - Details

I was out to the meeting place early with the truck driver and a truck 
full of bikes to get set up and ready for our group of 23 to arrive.
We had the bikes shining, lined up, helmets with each bike,
everything ready to go.  Nice.  That is the professional
photographer who was along both days for photos.

A photo of a few of my group from day 1 waiting for the
remainder of the group to catch up to continue.  What 
a beautiful day!

End of the ride on day 2, at the parking area just below Colle
Val d'Elsa.  A short walk to the old walled town and a great
lunch.  Super group today.

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