Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Day 4 with Don and Kay - Mugello and Diacetto.

Great ride today with Don and Kay.  Love having them here, as they are super enthusiastic about the riding and are good riders.  We did a harder day today, as Don miraculously recovered from Sunday's crash.  We rode over through LeCure the up my favorite back way to San Domenico.  Continuing up to the turn off toward Maiano, then down to the start of the Vincigliata climb.  Loved the Vincigliata climb, although the steepness surprised Kay a little,  It is pretty steep in places and the first 2/3 of the climb probably averages around 10%.  I guess I am just a little sick to think that is not that steep.  We then went up the road above Fiesole to the Monteloro turn off, and descended a little way to a back road that takes you over to the descent from Alberaccio to Sieci.  One of Kay's favorite roads here I found out today.

We descended a little more then turned off to contour up and down through Santa Brigida, Fornello, and Doccia to the windmill.  Such a sweet, beautiful road, and we had been battling a head wind all day, and it finally at least turned to a side wind here.  Water in Santa Brigida, then after the windmill, down to Rufina.  We stopped at a bar I know and like (Thanks, Leif for the recommendation), and had excellent cafe and pastries.  Don and Kay have cappuccino, which here they are a little dissaproving if it is had after 12:00 noon.  Don and Kay don't care and enjoy the cappuccino anyway.

Back on the road for the climb to Diacetto, one of my favorites.  We stopped at one of my favorite water sources, and a couple of locals were hanging out giving information, telling us how good the water was, when the wind would stop, and just holding out wisdom, as the old guys here tend to do.  We finished the climb, then rode down and over to Pelago, and finished the descent to Pontasieve.  From there, we hung together pretty well, with both Don and I keeping the speed in check so we could use the group to make it home well.  We stopped at a favorite gelateria in Firenze, and then we were home.  Great day!

This should get you to the Strava information for today's ride.  This morning, I tried to take a suggestion from garmin and start using "modern", and basically, it does not want to do anything now.  I hope the strava link works.  I will try it when this post is complete.

Check out Vincigliata, Santa Brigida, Rufina, Diacetto, Pelago, Pontasieve, Firenze D &K #4 on Strava.com! It's a 81.5 km ride I did on Tuesday, April 15, 2014.

Don and Kay riding along a wall on the road to
Fiesole, just before our turn to descend to the 
start of the Vincigliata climb.

Don and Kay above Fiesole riding along a pergola
of blooming wisteria.  Che bella!

Don on a set up shot with the irises on the way to Diacetto.
I have to wait longer to get the subject larger in the photos.

Don and Kay, along with a couple of the local old guys at 
the water source, around 1/2 way from Rufina to Diacetto.

The skies cleared and with the wind, it was pretty crystal clear.
This is from the top of our last real climb, just outside of Diacetto.

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