Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Nice long ride with Don and Kay on day 5

A good, fun day with Don and Kay today.  Long - ish ride of around 110 k, with the climb to Pinone, through Carmignano, then the descent through Vitolini to Montelupo.  From Montelupo, we rode over through Samontanna and Villanuova to the road to Ortiminio and Montespertoli.  From Montespertoli, we rode home through Montagnana, Cerbia, Chiesa Nuova, then Cinque Vie to Firenze.  I am a little too busy, so sorry for the short post, but the pictures are good, and as more time comes up, the posts will increase again.  

Check out Signa, Pinone, Vitolini, Samontanna, Montespertoli, Chiesa Nuova, Firenze - D&K #5 on! It's a 110.3 km ride I did on Wednesday, April 16, 2014.

A view of the Ombrone river valley on the way to Comeana.

Action photo of Don behind me.  I never know how the 
pictures taken behind me, over my head are going to 
turn out.  We call him "Red Man", which is 
Torrio's name for Don because he was wearing a red shirt.

On the way up to Pinone, you could see forever back to Firenze.
If you look hard, you  can see the Duomo in the distance.

A view to the Southeast on the ridge climbing to Montespertoli.

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