Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Great ride with Chris Breckon on his return here from home in England.

I was able to hook up with Chris Breckon, a cyclist from England who spent 6 months here last spring / summer, and is a member of our team.  We rode quite a bit together last summer, so it was really fun to see him again and to ride.  We met close to my apartment, and Chris wanted to ride sette ponte to Regello, and was happy to take my favorite route out to the sette ponte road.  We had a great ride with a couple of nice stops for cafe machiato and pastries or pizza for me.  It is one of my favorite rides, and although I certainly did not think we pushed it at all, we had a pretty fast time.  The weather was absolutely perfect, with mostly sunny skies and temperatures from 65 to 75 F.  Tuscany in the spring is quite scenic, and today it was at it's best.  Flowers in bloom, trees and vines bursting with spring green color, and wonderful views.

Chris is back in England since mid September, and he was very happy to be back riding in Tuscany.  This was his 4th ride since returning, and I am glad we could get together.  We are meeting again on Friday with a number of folks from the team for a classic ride in Chianti.  I am looking forward to our next ride.  Today's ride was excellent, one of my favorites and one of Chris' as well.  Great ride today Chris, and I can't wait till Friday.  Tomorrow is a needed day off the bike.  Ciao.

Check out Tour with Chris - San Donato, Cellai, Castelfranco, Regello, Tosi, Pelago, Firenze on! It's a 105.5 km ride I did on Wednesday, April 23, 2014.

Chris Breckon on the strada sette ponte on his return
to Florence for a week of riding.  Good to ride together
again, Chris.

A beautiful stretch of the strada sette ponte.
(the road of seven bridges)

Another shot of the fun road, sette ponte.

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