Sunday, March 1, 2015

3-1/2 hour recovery ride? Nice tour in a cloudy Chianti.

I probably should have done a recovery ride today, but tomorrow it is supposed to be rainy, and I have 3 to 5 hours of office work to get done.  So, I found the energy for a very nice 3-1/2 hour ride today.  I had not done this particular ride in 4 months or so, and it is one of my favorite routes.  I did take it pretty easy on the pace today, as in the past I have been able to do this ride in 3 hours 5 minutes at my fastest.  It was kind of nice to purposely not push the pace and felt good.  When I did push it up a hill, my legs definitely felt yesterday's effort.  Still great to get out, and good timing as well, as it started spitting rain within 20 minutes of my return.  An excellent cafe normale (read espresso) in Strada.  I found this bar with Art and Richard last fall, and had not been back.  The bar at Dudda was super crowded, which would have been my normal stop on this ride.  But the bar in Strada is nice, the cafe was great and I had a bombolone ciocciolata which was also nice and needed for some energy to finish up the day.  74.7 kilometers in 3:25 to average 21/8 kph with 1075 meters climbed.  I don't know if this can count as recovery, but I will call it that.  Ciao a tutti!

My first time stopping here to take a photo of this beautiful 
property.  I think the buildings are beautiful and the wonderful
color of the stone simply works for me.

Such a beautiful road on the climb to La Panca.

The view back to the East approaching La Panca.

La Panca ahead.  It is pretty much downhill from here home.

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