Saturday, March 14, 2015

Classic Chianti tour with the team.

Really nice team tour this morning.  We met at Piazzalle Michaelangelo, then with a little discussion about routes, set off to Greve and then Panzano.  A classic route here, and very popular on a Saturday morning.  I often get quite tired of this route, but had not been out there on this route for over a month, maybe two, so, it was really fun.  After Greve, I did my interval for the day, and ended up riding with / passing / being passed / then chasing a very strong group of 5.  After I pulled ahead of them, they totally picked up the pace, passed me, then after a little time trying to hang on, letting them go.  Interestingly, I ended up passing two of the four before the top, but the other two stayed out of my sight range.  A fun group to climb with and test myself with.  I am trying to do a 20 minute interval of climbing on most rides these days to train for the upcoming events.

In Panzano, we had cafe, then discussed the remainder of the day.  4 of us were game for a longer tour to Castellina, a slight surprise, as Luca and I had discussed this at the beginning, and we thought it would be the two of us.  Nicola, a Canadian woman from Revelstoke, who I have been riding with semi often, is quite strong, and really surprised Luca in particular.  His english is quite good, and he said at the top of all the climbs, "You are superwoman!"  Anyway, simply a very nice tour, a classic here, and good weather, although a little cloudy / overcast, good company, just a great day.  Sweet.  Next, I watch the Tirenno / Adriatico on Italian TV.  La bella vita.  (The good life).  106.2 kilometers in 4:11 to average 25.4 kph with 1339 meters climbed.

The group from the team this morning in Panzano, after cafe, but before we split into two groups.  Luigi, Nicola, Luca and I went on a longer tour to Castellina.  

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