Sunday, March 15, 2015

Solo recovery ride before the rain comes.

My plan was a couple days off, but I awoke to sunshine, which mostly went away by the time I was on the bike, but the forecast has the rain holding off until this afternoon, then rain for a couple of days.  So, I figured it would be good to get out, even if I was a little tired.  I decided on a recovery ride, enjoying the flats out through the Cascine (lots of Sunday traffic) then out Pistoiese (very little traffic on a Sunday) to Seano.  I climbed to Carmignano, and even though it was a recovery ride, I threw in a short interval on the climb, well, for most of the climb.  Nice stop for cafe in Carmignano, then down to Comeana, where I tried a new route that took me back to Poggio a Caiano.  From there, back basically the same way on the flats to Florence.  I enjoyed the flats today, which is unusual for me.  51.9 kilometers in 2:01 to average 25.6 kph with 255 meters of climbing.

Looking to the East from my cafe break in the main piazza in 
Carmignano today.  Nice to get out for a couple hours before
the predicted weather change this afternoon.

The view back to the cafe / bar where I usually have my cafe
in Carmignano.  They seem to be getting ready for spring with
additional tables and chairs outside.  I only started going here 
recently, so it will be interesting to see how the scene changes
with the seasons.  

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